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[help] Test environment? Installing Cisco 1941

Hello everyone,

There is an RV016 router (SOHO) that will be replaced by a 1941. We have two ISPs with multiple external IP addresses, so I'm able to fetch one unused IP address from each ISP to connect to the 1941 router without affecting the Production Network.

The 1941 will be replacing the RV016, so there are plenty of things to be configured: PAT, NAT 1:1, port forwardings, a few VLANs, a few static routes and some simple ACLs.

Both routers (1941 and RV016) have the same LAN segment ( / 24) that means that both LANs cannot be routed.

The devices are currently installed in our local datacenter, quite noisy and cold!.

> Since both LANs (productive and test) cannot be routed, I was wondering what's the recommended methodology to carry on with the configuration and testing in such way that we're not forced to whistand cold and noise from the datacenter...

> In previous SOHO Routers replacements, I configured the test environment with a different LAN ip address, so I was able to directly connect both LANs (Productive and Testing) (disabling the new router's DHCP server, of course) so I could sit comfortably in my office and connect a second NIC from my workstation to the "LAN" with a fixed IP address. When the configuration was over and we were ready to perform a replacement test, we only had to change the "LAN" IP address from the newer router and the configuration would reflect this change.

I'm quite newbie with IOS routers! I'm CCNA though it's been a while since I've achieved that. If I got this right, I won't be able to "change" the LAN IP address along with ACLs, NAT, PAT pools, port forwardings and such on a single command.

[b]What's your normal approach to this kind of situation? What should I do? [b]

Thanks in advance and best regards,


Buenos Aires, Argentina.