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How does the OID of RSSI : cDot11ClientSignalStrength Creates an output

How does the OID of RSSI : cDot11ClientSignalStrength ( CISCO-DOT11-ASSOCIATION-MIB 

creates an output like :

The way to read the whole OID:

The OID cDot11ClientSignalStrength is defined under the cDot11ClientStatisticTable. If you look at the table's description, you will find that the table has a 1 to 1 relationship with the cDot11ClientConfigInfoTable.

The cDot11ClientConfigInfoTable (., uses 3


-ifIndex (Integer)

-cd11IfAuxSsid (Octet String (0..32))

-cDot11ClientAddress (OCTET STRING (6) - MAC Address)

So now, you need to start trimming the OID values to find each index's value:

-ifIndex = One value

-cd11IfAuxSsid = Up to 32 values (On Octet Strings, the first value tells the length of the data)

-cDot11ClientAddress = 6 values (MAC Address)

Note for example the OID that you were trying to translate is something like:

The first, we already know that pertain to the OID cDot11ClientSignalStrength.

After that we have a 1 that means that ifIndex equals 1.


-Since the following number is 8, that means we need 8 additional values to get the actual value.

- Number of positions = 8

- Values =

Since the "values" are Octet String, you need to translate each value to the character it represents in the ASCII table (in the following link you will find a very useful tool to do this:

You can just copy the whole number and paste it on the "Enter decimal ASCII here. Any non-numerical characters will be ignored" box.

Once you translate it, the value obtained for the cd11IfAuxSsid is "hpbridge".

And finally, you need to translate the remaining numbers from decimal to hexadecimal like in the following:

cDot11ClientAddress = (00-17-E0-09-6D-E0)

Is better if you translate those numbers one by one.

After doing that, you will be able to tell that the entry corresponds to Interface with ifIndex 1, using SSID "hpbridge" and a device with MAC address 00-17-E0-09-6D-E0 is connected to it.