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How to block traffic between physical ports

I have 30 users and 1 internet connection; all connected to a Cisco Catalyst 2950 and a 3550

The only purpose for the network is to share one internet connection. No traffic between users is needed.

Very often some of the users, by accident, connect there local router so we have several DHCP servers on the router, that jams the traffic completly

I was told it is possible to "isolate" each and every port, so no broadcasting or virus etc is distributed over the network.

I have been looking on VLAN but for me it looks very complex and I will then also need a server, as far as I can se.

Do any of you know a more simple way how to prevent traffic between the ports on a router?

I’m necessarily not looking for a complete solution, but only some inputs.

Best Regard

Dennis Poulsen

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Private VLAN