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How to check if a port is set to ErrDisable with SNMP


You can check if the port is set to ErrDisable by using the CISCO-STACK-MIB. Refer to the object information, as shown:

portAdditionalOperStatus OBJECT-TYPE
  -- BITS are:
  -- other(0)
  -- connected(1)
  -- standby(2)
  -- faulty(3)
  -- notConnected(4)
  -- inactive(5)
  -- shutdown(6)
  -- dripDis(7)
  -- disabled(8)
  -- monitor(9)
  -- errdisable(10)
  -- linkFaulty(11)
  -- onHook(12)
  -- offHook(13)
  -- reflector(14)
  ACCESS read-only
  STATUS mandatory
  DESCRIPTION:The current operational status of the port which 
  is showing additional detailed information of the port.
  ::= { portEntry 23 }

The Object Identifier (OID) for this is

When you do an Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)Walk for this OID, you receive output like this:

.iso. = Hex: 40 00

     .iso. = Hex: 08 00

You must convert hex into binary and determine which bit is set as shown:

  • 40 00 (01000000 00000000). Bit one is set, which indicates the port is connected
  • 08 00 (00001000 00000000). Bit four is set, which means the port is not connected.

To determine if the port has a status of errDisable, check if bit 10 is set    to


00000000 00100000

After checking the bit set, match it with the definition to see what that set bit means.

For example, the output in this example shows that the port is set to ErrDisable.


enterprises. : BITS : 0020(Hex)

For more information, refer to portAdditionalOperStatus.

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