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How to collect debugs/logs in buffer on an ISR GW

Add to the config or make sure you have it already:

service timestamps debug datetime msec

service timestamps log datetime msec

service sequence-numbers


logging buffered 5000000     -> 5Mb buffer log (Check to see if there is enough space)

logging rate-limit 10000

logging queue-limit 100000

no logging console          -> Disable logging to console

no logging monitor          -> Disable logging to terminal session

### Now enable the required debugs

### Before simulating a test, clear the buffer log:

clear logging

### Now, create a new log file (using SecureCRT, Putty, or similar)

### After you get a failed call (or have done the required test), stop the debugging:

show debugs

undebug all

### And collect the debug logs in the following format:

term len 0

sh ver

sh run

sh log