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How to configure extended range VLANs in Catalyst 6500 switch running Cisco IOS software


You must enable the extended system ID to use extended range VLANs. Chassis that support only 64 MAC addresses always use the 12-bit extended system ID. On chassis that support 1024 MAC addresses, you can enable use of the extended system ID. STP uses the VLAN ID as the extended system ID.

Note: You cannot disable the extended system ID on chassis that support 64 MAC addresses or when you have configured extended range VLANs

Complete these steps in order to configure extended range VLAN:

  1. Extended range VLAN must be created in the configuration mode and not from the vlan database mode.

    configure terminal

  2. Enable the extended-system ID feature on chassis that support 1024 MAC addresses:

    spanning-tree extend system-id

  3. VTP does not propagate configuration information for extended-range VLANs (VLAN numbers 1006 to 4094). Hence, configure extended-range VLANs manually.

    vtp mode transparent

  4. Now create the extended range VLAN:


  5. Use the show vlan command in order to verify the VLAN entries.

Note:  When you configure VLANs 1006-1024, ensure that the VLANs do not extend to any switches running Catalyst software since CatOS does not support extended range VLANs.

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Great nice and brief explanation. Thanks!