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How to configure HSRP on switches and VLANs

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Hot Standby Router Protocol (HSRP) provides redundancy for IP networks to ensure that user traffic immediately and transparently recovers from first hop router failures. HSRP allows multiple routers on a single LAN to share a virtual IP and MAC address which is configured as the default gateway on the hosts. From the group of routers configured in a HSRP group, there is one router elected as the Active router and another as a Standby router. The Active router assumes the role of forwarding packets sent to the virtual IP address. If the Active router fails, the Standby router takes over as the new Active router.


On switches that support Layer-3 switching, HSRP must be configured on interfaces configured as routed ports or the Switched Virtual Interfaces (SVI) for the Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN). The SVI acts as the routed interface for a VLAN. To use the HSRP feature, you must have the correponding software image installed on your switch.

For more information about configuring HSRP on switches, refer to these documents:

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