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How to configure MHSRP

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Multiple Hot Standby Routing Protocol (MHSRP) support is based on hardware limitations instead of software limitations. The interface must be able to associate an Ethernet interface with multiple unicast MAC addresses. Any router that uses the Lance chipset will not be able to support MHSRP.

Note: Several Ethernet (Lance and QUICC) controllers in low-end products can only have a single unicast MAC address in their address filter. On these platforms, only a single HSRP group is permitted. The interface address is changed to the HSRP virtual MAC address when the group becomes Active.

For a sample configuration of MHSRP, refer to Load Sharing with HSRP.

For more information, refer to the Configuring Multiple Hot Standby Groups section of Using HSRP for Fault-Tolerant IP Routing.

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