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How to configure SPAN on CIGESM placed on Catalsyt 6000/6500 series switches


These are the guidelines to configure Switched Port Analyzer (SPAN) on Cisco Intelligent Gigabit Ethernet Switch Module (CIGESM):

  • SPAN sessions can coexist with Remote SPAN (RSPAN) sessions within specified limits.
  • A destination port cannot be a source port, and a source port cannot be a destination port.
  • There can be only one destination port for every SPAN session. Two SPAN sessions cannot use the same destination port.
  • An EtherChannel port can be a SPAN source port, but not a SPAN destination port.
  • For SPAN source ports, sent and received traffic can be monitored for a single port or for a series or range of ports.
  • When a switch port is configured as a SPAN destination port, the port no longer remains a normal switch port. Only monitored traffic passes through the SPAN destination port.
  • A disabled port can be configured as a source or destination port, but the SPAN function does not start until the destination port and at least one source port are enabled.
  • A SPAN destination port never participates in any VLAN spanning tree. SPAN does include Bridge Protocol Data Units (BPDUs) in the monitored traffic. So any spanning-tree BPDUs received on the SPAN destination port for a SPAN session are copied from the SPAN source ports.
  • When SPAN is enabled, these are the results of configuration changes:
    • Any changes in the VLAN configuration of a destination port are not effective until SPAN is disabled.
    • If the destination port or all source ports are disabled, the SPAN function stops until both a source and destination port are enabled.

For information on how to configure SPAN on CIGESM, refer to the Configuring SPAN section of Cisco IGESM Software Configuration Guide.

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