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How to configure the errdisable flap-setting values in Cisco Catalyst switches running Cisco IOS system software


In order to configure the maximum number of flaps that are allowed to occur before setting to error disable (errdisable), use the errdisable flap-setting cause command.

Cisco recommends not to change the default values.

But you can change the flap-values. If you want to change the flap-values, try these commands:

3750(config)#errdisable flap-setting cause link-flap max-flaps 2 time 15

3750#show errdisable flap-values
ErrDisable Reason  Flaps   Time (sec)
-----------------  ------  ----------
pagp-flap          3       30
dtp-flap           3       30
link-flap          2       15 

Note: You must enter the shutdown command and then the no shutdown command in order to recover an interface manually from errdisable.

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