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How to convert from hybrid mode to integrated Cisco IOS Software on a Catalyst 6000 series switch


Refer to System Software Conversion from CatOS to Cisco IOS for Catalyst 6500/6000 Switches for complete instructions on how to convert a Catalyst 6000 series switch from hybrid mode to integrated Cisco IOS  Software.

The document also discusses these topics:

  • The difference between hybrid and integrated Cisco IOS Software        
  • An explanation and clarification of the software image naming conventions        
  • Other related issues        

Note: You must have a Multilayer Switch Feature Card [MSFC] installed in order to convert from CatOS on a supervisor engine to Cisco IOS software. The Cisco IOS software required by the Supervisor Engine is stored in the MSFC as a daughter card that goes in the Supervisor and it takes care of Layer 3 functionality.  These are the different types available:

  • MSFC1
  • MSFC2
  • MSFC2A
  • MSFC3

Refer to How to Determine the Type of Supervisor Module That Is Installed in Catalyst 6500/6000 Series Switches for more information.

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