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How to fetch CPU statistics through SNMP


To collect CPU utilization on Cisco IOS  Software devices using Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), refer to How to Collect CPU utilization on Cisco IOS Devices Using SNMP.   

For an example of collecting CPU utilization, refer to this output:

nms-server>snmpwalk -c public cpmCPUTotalTable

CISCO-PROCESS-MIB::cpmCPUTotalPhysicalIndex.9 = INTEGER: 1011

CISCO-PROCESS-MIB::cpmCPUTotal5sec.9 = Gauge32: 7

CISCO-PROCESS-MIB::cpmCPUTotal1min.9 = Gauge32: 7

CISCO-PROCESS-MIB::cpmCPUTotal5min.9 = Gauge32: 7

CISCO-PROCESS-MIB::cpmCPUTotal5secRev.9 = Gauge32: 7 percent

CISCO-PROCESS-MIB::cpmCPUTotal1minRev.9 = Gauge32: 7 percent

CISCO-PROCESS-MIB::cpmCPUTotal5minRev.9 = Gauge32: 7 percent


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