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How to get label switching information with SNMP


To enable a label switch router (LSR) to send Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) notifications or informs to an SNMP host, use the "snmp-server enable traps" command in global configuration mode.

Optionally you can also specifies the particular type of SNMP notification(s) to be enabled on the LSR. If a notification type is not specified, all SNMP notifications applicable to the LSR are enabled and sent to the SNMP host. Any one or all of the following keywords can be specified in any combination as the notification-type (family name) in the snmp-server enable traps command


Router(config)#snmp-server enable traps mpls ?

ldp                Allow SNMP MPLS label distribution protocol traps

traffic-eng        Allow SNMP MPLS traffic engineering traps

vpn                Allow SNMP MPLS Virtual Private Network traps


mpls ldp — Sends notifications about status changes in LDP sessions. Note that this keyword is specified as mpls ldp.

mpls traffic-eng —Sends notifications about status changes in MPLS label distribution tunnels. This keyword is specified as mpls traffic-eng.

vpn - Enables the router to send MPLS VPN SNMP notifications.

Mulitprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) Label Switching Routers (LSR) have the MPLS-LSR-MIB to provide label switching information.

Refer to this table:

Table Name

SNMP Object


MPLS Interface Configuration Table


Provides information for each MPLS-capable interface on an LSR.

MPLS Interface Performance Table


Augments the MPLS interface configuration table.

MPLS In-Segment Table


Contains a description of incoming segments (labels) at an LSR and their        associated parameters.

MPLS In-Segment Performance Table


Augments the MPLS in-segment table, providing performance information        and counters for incoming segments on an LSR.

MPLS Out-Segment Table


Contains a description of outgoing segments from an LSR and their associated        parameters.

MPLS Out-Segment Performance Table


Augments the MPLS out-segment table, providing performance information        and counters for outgoing segments on an LSR.

MPLS Cross-Connect Table



Associates inSegments (labels) to outSegments (labels) to show the manager        how the LSR is currently swapping these labels.


mplsVrfIfUp—Sent to an NMS when an interface comes up and is assigned a VPN 
routing/forwarding table instance (VRF). 
mplsVrfIfDown—Generated and sent to the NMS when a VRF is remove

For more information refer to the following documents: