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How to get the heat tolerance and environment monitoring on a Catalyst 6500/6000 series switches


Environmental monitoring of chassis components provides early-warning indications of possible component failures. This ensures safe and reliable system operation and avoids network interruptions. The monitoring of these critical system components allows for identification and rapid correction of hardware-related problems in the system.

The Catalyst 6500 series switches are equipped with internal air temperature sensors that are triggered at 104 F (400 deg C) that generates a minor alarm and at 1310 F (550 C ) that generates a major alarm. When the temperature reaches about 60-65 degree Celsius, the switch can be shutdown automatically in order to prevent further hardware damage.

Note: The threshold parameters are not user configurable.

The operating temperature is the temperature at which the switch operates and the storage temperature is the temperature of the room. Hence for uninterupted network connectivity, make sure that the temperature does not exceed the threshold values.

In order to display current temperature readings, use the show environment temperature command.

Refer to Power Management and Environmental Monitoring for more information.

New Member

Hello ,

can you tell me what's the type of shutdown? what I mean the switch will disconnect the power or will shutdown the modules only?


Hany Adel