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How to remove or erase unused port channel configs in the Catalyst 6500 that runs the CatOS system software


There is no configuration option to clear port channel configuration in CatOS.

As a workaround, complete these steps in order to clear the unused port channel configs:

  1. Use the copy config tftp command in order to backup the configurations to the tftp server.
  2. Copy the running-config to a plain text editor, then remove the unnecessary command lines.
  3. Use the clear config all command in order to clear the startup-config from the switch.
  4. Copy the newly edited/cleared config into the CLI session.

Alternatively, you can use the set port channel [mod/port] mode off command in order to disable an EtherChannel.

Refer to the Disabling an Etherchannel section of Configuring Etherchannel for more information.

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