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How to reset the Catalyst Express 500 (CE500) series switch back to the factory defaults


If you can access the switch through the web interface, refer to Restart or Reset the Switch section of the document User Guide for the Catalyst Express 500 Switches.

If you are unable to access the switch through the web interface, perform this procedure: 

  1. Unplug the power cord from the switch.

  2. Hold the setup button while you plug back in the power to the switch.

  3. Wait until all LED indicator lights turn amber, and then release the button.

  4. When a switch port LED blinks green, connect your PC to that port. The port LEDs on your PC and the switch blink green while the switch configures the connection. This takes about one minute.

  5. Pull up the browser, and select either Erase system configuration item and click Submit.

  6. The switch is now set back to the factory default configuration. Proceed with the initial setup procedure again.

  7. Enter the network settings.

  8. Click Submit to save changes, and finish the basic configuration.

  9. Apply the Smartports roles. This is a very important step if you plan to configure trunk or voice ports. By default, all ports are set up as access ports that belong to VLAN 1.

Note: By default, the switch is set up to VLAN Trunking Protocol (VTP) transparent mode. Therefore, all VLANs should be added using the Graphical User Interface (GUI). Name the voice VLAN Cisco-Voice. If you use a different name, it is not recognized as a voice VLAN by the switch.

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Thanks for you Co-Operation,

but i have a switch, when  i plugged the power cord,  for a moment (system and alert leds blink orange, but setup led blinks  green), and then (system led only blinks green and others off).

all ports not working (no indication leds blinks when any device conected to these ports"down and uplinks").

when i was trying to reset the switch by this way i reach the step two and then no leds blinks (for the ports, or setup led).

please, advice me how to solve this issue, and what is the problem?


Omar mahmoud

New Member

I've already tried to follow this steps, but when I Pulled out my brwoser, nothing appeared to me.

Why could be the reason for this? There's another way to reset the Switch?


Amanda SIlva!

New Member

I managed to help myself even though I have windows 7.

Following Cisco's instructions step by step, but with a small modification.

In the step where we expect to get a dynamic IP address "Obtain an IP address automatically"

in advance you set a fixed IP address that you expect: (this is all that is needed).

If you do it after you have already connected to the switch, thing does not work, you must do it earlier

while PC is not connected to the switch.

To me it worked I hope it will help you.

New Member

on windows 7/8/8.1 you have to disable apipa first:


  1. Use Registry Editor to create the following registry key:
  2. Add the following value to this key:
    Value name: IPAutoconfigurationEnabled
    Value type: REG_DWORD
    Value in hexadecimal: 0 (A value of 0 disables APIPA support on this computer)
    NOTE: If the IPAutoconfigurationEnabled entry is not present, a default value of 1 is assumed, which indicates that APIPA is enabled.
  3. After you make this change, restart your computer.
New Member

That helped, thank you

New Member

This helped out big time.  Thank you!!