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How to upgrade a Cisco Catalyst 3750 switch with an incompatible software image in a multiswitch stack configuration


In order to upgrade a Cisco Catalyst 3750 switch that has an incompatible software image, issue the archive copy-sw privileged EXEC command. This command copies the software image from a stack member that exists to the one with the incompatible software. The affected switch automatically reloads and joins the stack as a fully functioning member.

The boot auto-copy-sw (auto-upgrade) command must be enabled in order to succesfully perform the Cisco IOS  upgrade on the switch that has an incompatible software image. By default, the auto-upgrade is enabled.

The auto-upgrade process affects only switches in Version Mismatch (VM) mode. It does not affect stack members that currently exist.

Note: In order to successfully issue the archive copy-sw privileged EXEC command, both the stack member switch to be added and the stack master must have downloaded their images from a TFTP server. Issue the archive download-sw privileged EXEC command in order to perform this download.

For switch stacks, the archive download-sw and archive upload-sw privileged EXEC commands can be used only through the stack master. Software images downloaded to the stack master are automatically downloaded to the rest of the stack members.

In privileged EXEC mode and to start from the stack member to be upgraded, perform these steps in order to copy the running image file from the Flash memory of a different stack member:

  1. Access the global configuration mode. 
  2. Issue the archive copy-sw /destination-system destination-stack-member-number /force-reload source-stack-member-number command.    

    Note: At least one stack member must run the image that is to be copied to the switch with the incompatible software.

    For the /destination-system destination-stack-member-number, specify the number of the stack member to which the source running the image file must be copied. If you do not specify this stack member number, the running image file is copied to all stack members by default.

    Specify /force-reload to unconditionally force a system reload after the successful download of the software image.

    For the source-stack-member-number, specify the number of the stack member from which to copy the running image file. The stack member number range is 1 to 9.

  3. Issue the reload slot stack-member-number command.        
  4. Reset the updated stack member in order to put this configuration change into effect. 

Refer to Catalyst 3750 Software Upgrade in a Stack Configuration with Use of the Command-Line Interface for more information on how to upgrade the software image on Cisco Catalyst 3750 series switches that have a multiswitch stack configuration.

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