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How to upgrade the boot image on the 7200 and uBR 7200 series router


To upgrade the boot image in a Cisco 7200 or uBR 7200 series router, perform these steps:


  1. Copy the new file into bootflash.

    If the image is too large to load into the Flash SIMM, you will receive the messages shown in this example:

    Router #copy tftp bootflash:
    Address or name of remote host []? ....
    Source filename []? c7200-boot-mz.120-5.XE2
    Destination filename [c7200-boot-mz.120-5.XE2]? 
    Accessing tftp:c7200-boot-mz.120-5.XE2... Loading c7200-boot-mz.120-5.XE2
    from (via Ethernet4/0): !
    %Error copying tftp:c7200-boot-mz.120-5.XE2 (Not enough space on device)
    Crashinfo cannot write because it does not have memory.

    The router tries to write as much as possible in the free space and then terminate with a write failure error message. Nothing happens to other files already in the Flash SIMM.  

    In a Cisco 7200 series router, this issue might appear even if there is no other file in the bootflash, since there are some oversized Cisco 7200 and uBR 7200 boot images.

  2. To verify that the new boot image supports all the hardware installed in the router, refer to the Find software compatible with my hardware section of Software Advisor.  


  3. Verify that there is enough space in bootflash to fit this new image. If there is not enough space, refer to Field Notice: Oversized Cisco 7200/uBR 7200 Boot Image.


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Refer below URL for more info


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This is taken directly from the Cisco install and upgrade guide, which is linked below.


Upgrading the Boot Helper (Boot Loader) Image

The boot helper (boot loader) image resides in flash memory and contains a subset of the Cisco IOS software. This image is used to boot your router from the network or to load Cisco IOS images onto the router. This image is also used if the system cannot find a valid system image.

Your boot helper (boot loader) image should correspond to the Cisco IOS release that is running on your router.

Note The Cisco 7201 router requires the c7200p-kboot-mz boot helper image.
To upgrade your boot helper (boot loader) image, obtain the most current boot helper image through and copy the new boot helper image to flash memory on your router. Access on the web and, if you are a registered user, click Login at the top right of the page. If you are not a registered user, you can register by clicking Register at the top right side of the page. After you have logged in, click Support. Click Download Software and choose the appropriate link.

To obtain a boot helper (boot loader) image from and upgrade your bootflash, do the following:

Step 1 Download the boot helper (boot loader) image from to a Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP) server.

Step 2 Reformat the flash memory on your router as follows:

 Router# format bootflash:
 Format operation may take a while. Continue? [confirm]
 Format operation will destroy all data in "bootflash:".  Continue? [confirm]
 Formatting sector ...   
 Format of bootflash:complete

Note Reformatting flash memory erases the current flash memory contents.
Step 3 Copy the boot helper (boot loader) image from the TFTP server to flash memory as follows:

 Router# copy tftp bootflash:
 Address or name of remote host []?
 Source filename []? c7201-boot-mz.122-4.BW
 Destination filename [c7201-boot-mz.122-4.BW]?
 Loading c7201-boot-mz.122-4.BW from (via GigabitEthernet0/3):

 [OK - 5137928/10275840 bytes]

 5137928 bytes copied in 45.420 secs (114176 bytes/sec)

This completes the procedure for upgrading your boot helper (boot loader) image. For more detailed instructions on loading and maintaining system images and microcode, including boot helper images, refer to the Cisco IOS Configuration Fundamentals Configuration Guide, which is available on