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In-line power issues on a single port of the Cisco Catalyst 6000 or 6500 series switch

Core issue

A single port on a 48-port in-line powered module does not supply power to the IP phone.


Whenever a single port has a problem with the in-line power, perform this procedure:

  1. Physically reseat the module and re-insert it firmly.  

  2. Plug a PC into the same port to see whether the problem is with the port or with the in-line power.  

    If the PC works fine, the problem is with the in-line powered module.

  3. Issue the set test diaglevel complete command at the enable prompt to check for any errors.  

  4. Experiment with different IP phones or Cisco Access Points (APs) to see if the problem persists.  

    If there are no logs generated for the particular port that has the problem, reseating the module can fix the issue. If the module is reseated and the problem still persists, the only option is to replace that particular module.


    For more information, refer to the Troubleshoot In-Line Power Issues section of Understanding IP Phone In-Line Power Provisioning on the Catalyst 6500/6000 Switch.

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