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Increased CPU utilization of 7206VXR

Hello everybody!
The problem has appeared on 7206VXR after upgrading IOS from 12.4(11)T to 12.4(22)T2 - CPU utilization has increased into 2 or 3 times. This problem exists on 7206VXR with multilink PPP configuration on PA-MCX-8TE1 port adapter. It was supposed that this increasing of CPU utilization was caused by fast or process switching of this port adapter traffic not cef switching. In the output of show cef interface it was:
Serial5/0:0 is up (if_number 55)
Corresponding hwidb fast_if_number 55
  Corresponding hwidb firstsw->if_number 55
  Internet Protocol processing disabled
  Interface is marked as point to point interface
  IPv4 packets switched to this interface are punted to the next slow path: PPP - unsupported interface
  Hardware idb is Serial5/0:0
  Fast switching type 7, interface type 13
  IP CEF switching enabled
  IP CEF switching turbo vector
  IP CEF turbo switching turbo vector
  IP prefix lookup IPv4 mtrie 8-8-8-8 optimized
  Input fast flags 0x0, Output fast flags 0x0
  ifindex 22(22)
  Slot Slot unit 0 VC 0
  Transmit limit accumulator 0x0 (0x0)
  IP MTU 0
Besides it was constant increasing number of packet  of Unsupported CEF features.
IPv4 CEF Packets passed on to next switching layer
Slot  No_adj No_encap Unsupp'ted Redirect  Receive  Options   Access     Frag
RP         0       0     6765185      608  9145433        0        0     2052

But this case the change of IOS led to changes in CPU load. Is it a bug of IOS or the problem in something else?

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