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Is there WLSE redundancy?


Beginning with release 2.7, Wireless LAN Solution Engine (WLSE) supports redundancy. Both a primary and a backup CiscoWorks WLSE are now supported.

WLSE redundancy is achieved by configuring a cluster of two WLSEs. One WLSE is in active mode, performing all normal WLSE functions. The other WLSE is in warm standby mode, where the system is up but no WLSE applications are running and only certain diagnostic operations are allowed.

If the WLSE designated as the active and primary node fails, fail-over occurs automatically to the standby and secondary node. When the active node comes back into service, it automatically becomes the standby node.


To obtain the details on the prerequisites and configuration for WLSE redundancy, refer to the Managing WLSE Redundancy section of Managing the WLSE System.

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