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I am new to this forum and do need your help, please.

I'm trying to configure a network with cisco devices:

Cisco 2960 12 8 ports

Cisco 877 4 Switch ports

2 7911 IP Phones.

In switch i have created the following VLANS:

VLAN SRV (Switch ports 1,2)  ---  (Gateway

VLAN VOICE (Switch ports 3,4) --- (Gateway

VLAN USERS1 (Switch ports 5,6) --- (Gateway

VLAN USERS2 Connect to IP Phone PC port  --- (Gateway

VLAN MGMT (Switch port 7) - (Gateway

Switch port 8 (trunk all created vlans) connected to Router port 2

In router:

Router Port 1 connected to ISP Router port 1.

Please, can you help me with the router side configuration to allow all switch vlan to access internet and be able to have voice setup.

This router does not have L3 ports on wich that i can create sub-interfaces.

I know that i can create virtual interface on these ports, but i don´t exacly which should be the rigth configuration.

Million thanks in advance.

Kind regards,

Leandro Vieira

Community Member

Please, i do need you help. Can anybady help.

Thanks in advance,

Kind regards,

Leandro Vieira