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Link Access Procedure, Balanced (LAPB)

Complete Definition

LAPB is a bit-oriented protocol derived from HDLC that ensures that frames are error free and in the right sequence.

Link Access Protocol, Balanced (LAPB) is used to manage communication and packet framing between data terminal equipment (DTE) and the data circuit-terminating equipment (DCE) devices in the X.25 protocol stack. LAPB is nothing but HDLC in Asynchronous Balanced Mode (ABM). LAPB sessions can be established by either the DTE or DCE. The station initiating the call is determined to be the primary, and the responding station is the secondary.

In LAPB, since there is no master/slave relationship, the sender uses the Poll bit to insist on an immediate response. In the response frame this same bit becomes the receivers Final bit. The receiver always turns on the Final bit in its response to a command from the sender with the Poll bit set. The P/F bit is generally used when either end becomes unsure about proper frame sequencing because of a possible missing acknowledgement, and it is necessary to re-establish a point of reference.

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