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LMS 4.1 (not just) for Dummies

LMS 4.1 Configuration, Troubleshooting and Best Practices. Open this guide on your LMS server and the links inside will take you directly to the corresponding pages on your LMS server.



great work! and the idea of direct links helps immensely to find the way in the labyrinth of LMS.

One thing I want to mention is, to (also) use NMSROOT\bin\ to test name resolution of the server and devices. LMS - or at least the Fault part [DFM] - looks first into the hosts file, and takes this result.

See this thread:

In that case, with nslookup everything looked ok...


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Hi Martin,

Thanks for the feedback.

Good point about the I will include that in the next version.


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Great work, Geert.  A few comments.  On top of what Martin said, if you could clarify the point about forward and reverse DNS being required.  This is not a mandatory requirement.  LMS doesn't need DNS at all.  It can work with pure IP addresses or with hosts files.  However, if you are using hostnames, then resolution (DNS or hosts) needs to be such that the hostnames resolve back to the proper IP.

Can you also add some logrot stuff under the maintenance section?

When it comes to archiving configs, it would be good to mention that telnet/SSH are used to trigger a TFTP copy of vlan.dat.  This means that in order to archive vlan.dat, one needs to enable telnet/SSH AND TFTP.

Minor nit, the new "show mac-address-table" command is "show mac address-table".

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Very good work, Geert. Even old hands at CiscoWorks (I started out on CiscoWorks classic in the 90s.) can benefit from your concise overview and explanations. The links to the localhost are a nice touch.


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It is a great work. This is one of the cheatsheet with clear explanation. It cuts down my time to create my own. Now, I have to look for Subscriber Manager cheatsheet for redhat. many Thanks!

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Great job


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Great, very usefull