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may be a ios bug with my cisco NX7010

   my company has a cisco NX7010. the version of ios is n7000-s1-dk9.5.2.1 . we have two N7K-SUP1 .

   my issue is some client PCs can not connect with some servers. the servers and the clients  connect the NX7010 , and different vlan .when the issue appear, the client can ping the client vlan  gateway and server vlan gateway . but the client can not ping the server  and others of the server vlan. but a  moment later , the client can connect the server . i did not change any configreation of all device. the client's other operation is normal .

   i feel the client can't connect with the ip address that the gateway address is on NX7010.

   what is the issue , how to reslove it . pls help thx