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MSFC crashes with a bus error exception


The Multilayer Switch Feature Card (MSFC) may crash with a bus error exception, which might be caused by a software or hardware problem.

These error messages may be displayed:

  • On the console:     

    *** System received a Bus Error exception ***

    signal= 0xa, code= 0x10, context= 0x60ef02f0

    PC = 0x601d22f8, Cause = 0x2420, Status Reg = 0x34008002

  • In the output of the show version command:   

    !--- Output suppressed.
    System was restarted by bus error at PC 0x0, address 0x0 at 15:31:54 EST Wed Mar 29 2000
    !--- Output suppressed.

If the address indicated is an invalid address out of the memory range, it is a software bug.

If the address is in the valid range, the cause of the problem is probably a hardware failure of the processor memory.

For more information on these types of Bus error crashes, refer to Troubleshooting Bus Error Crashes.

For additional information please refer to Bug id: CSCdx92013

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