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Multi-VLAN configuration does not work due to TRUNKING enabled on port

Core issue

The multi-VLAN port feature on the Catalyst 2900 XL/3500 XL switches allows for configuring a single port into two or more VLANs. This feature allows users from different VLANs to access a server or router without implementing inter-VLAN routing capability. A multi-VLAN port performs normal switching functions in all its assigned VLANs. VLAN traffic on the multi-VLAN port is not encapsulated as it is in trunking.


Synopsis: Port will not pass traffic for multi-access VLAN configuration, but works fine on one VLAN.

The limitations of implementing multi-VLAN port features are as follows:

  • You cannot configure a multi-VLAN port when a trunk is configured on the switch. You must connect the multi-VLAN port only to a router or server. The switch automatically transitions to VTP transparent mode when the multi-VLAN port feature is enabled, making the VLAN Trunk Protocol (VTP) disabled. No VTP configuration is required.      
  • The multi-VLAN port feature is supported only on the Catalyst 2900 XL/3500 XL series switches. This feature is not supported on the Catalyst 4000/5000/6000 series or any other Cisco Catalyst switches.

For more information, refer to Creating Ethernet VLANs on Catalyst Switches.

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