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need assistance on ipsec over ipsec gre tunnel

in short

we have internet ipvpn connection so it forms a external ipsec over the ISP which build a secure connection to internet - which is fine

secondly we build another tunnel for private ip add for data transfer also using ipsec which works fine without the tunnel protection ipsec profile

once we enable tunnel protection ipsec profile its stops the tunnel traffic and ospf lost connection

we are running ospf on the tunnel to carry traffic but we need secure tunnel so we use ipsec

but the case is both ipsec doesnt work for us,one of them works for external but for internal tunnel it doesnt work once we enable tunnel protection

we have member router connected to internet using remote vpn ipsec it goes to cloud to over other site ,but we want site 1 & site2 to be protected thats the reason we want the internal tunnel protection but its fail.

please lets us know ur thoughts

Sanjeev (

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