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NTP Synchronization between 2 Switches (Cisco 3750E)


I have a great problem with our time synchronization. In our network there are two switches Cisco 3750E (as coreswitch). One of them (first) has a default ntp (server external) but the other switch cannot sync the time from the first switch. The time from the second switch is after 15 minutes.

How can I sync this second switch with the first one? Which command can I use to sync a switch with another source?

#conf t

config#ntp server 192.168... ..

It does not work. The server is registered but not sync...


#show ntp associations

         adress             ref clock   st   when   poll      reach

+~      .PTB.       1    477    1024    377

* ~      .PTB.       1    160    1024    377

show ntp.JPG

Thanks for your help!

Best regards


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