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PBR is not working with a non-adjacent next hop router

Core Issue

The next hop router in the path toward the destination where the packets should be forwarded must be adjacent.


Policy routing requires the next-hop ip address specified in the set clauses to be adjacent (directly connected) to the policy router. If the next-hop ip address is not on a directly connected subnet (sharing a subnetwork with the policy router), policy routing fails.

For more information, refer to White Paper Policy-Based Routing: The Need to Define Routing Policy.

Describe the next hop

Not directly connected

How PBR is Configured to Forward Packets

Setting the next hop IP address

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This is a requirement for the PBR that the next hop should be a directly connected ip. However, we can have a alternate to this. Known as PBR recursive ;lookup we can make an ip next hop which is not directly connected.

here is the link :