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PDM - change IP address of internal mail server

PIX Firewall 6.3(1)

PIX Device Manager 3.0(1)

PDM 3.0(1)

I'm trying to do something that should be simple.  We are adding an anti-spam device to our network.  Currently, the PIX is directing SMTP traffic to our Exchange server (  I'm trying to now direct that SMTP traffice to the anti-spam device (

The PIX has an access rule and a translation rule.  I have tried to change the IP address in both rule from to  I continue to get a  message when trying to change the access rule stating:

No Static Network Address Translation rule is configured for the destination host or network on interface outside. Would you like to add a static NAT rule for the host or network now?

I do so, but when returning to editing the access rule and clicking OK, the same message comes up, as if I have not addedd the NAT rule.

I have also tried to change the translation rule, but it will not allow the IP address of to be changed.  If I try to remove the translation rule, it states the following:

PDM has found that this operation will result in some security rules getting nullified.  Please review your transaction/security rules before retrying this operation.

Where am I going wrong?  The rules in place function with the existing mail server - just trying to change the internal IP that the mail gets routed to.



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