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Periodical Configuration Save of Cisco Devices

Periodical configuration save of Cisco devices can be done from inside the device by using a combination of "kron" and "archive" commands. I usually place the backup on a network path.

Define the location of your configuration save apart from the default Flash location. Based on your IOS support, this can be a HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, or TFTP path. I include the device name and the timestamp:

   path tftp://$h-$t
   write memory

Define the policy list for the scheduler. The following is calling the "write config" command which will trigger the copy over network from the above:

kron policy-list backup-config

   cli write memory

Define the schedule of the policy. The following example is for five minutes past midnight, everyday:

kron occurrence daily-config-backup at 0:05 recurring
   policy-list backup-config

Note: Every time the "write memory" command is issued, the device will trigger a network copy to the path specified above.

- Adrian Turcu, Newbay Software Ltd, Dublin, Ireland

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Very helpful, thanks for posting it.