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Policy-based routing not is working correctly, all traffic is being policy-routed

Core Issue

The most common reason for this problem is a misconfigured or missing Access Control List (ACL).


If no ACL is configured to establish the match criteria, it will result in all traffic being policy-routed.  Each entry in a route map statement contains a combination of match and set clauses/commands.

The match clauses define the criteria for whether appropriate packets meet the particular policy (that is, the conditions to be met). The set clauses than explain how the packets should be routed once they have met the match criteria.

For each combination of match and set commands in a route map statement, all sequential match clauses must be met simultaneously by the packet for the set clauses to be applied. There may be multiple sets of combinations of match and set commands in a full route map statement.

For more information on configuring match and set clauses, refer to White Paper Policy-Based Routing: The Need to Define Routing Policy.