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Port adapter is not supported in a Cisco 7200 VXR chassis due to early hardware revision

Core Issue

A port adapter which operates properly in a Cisco 7200 non-VXR chassis may display error messages similar to this if placed in a VXR chassis:

  • In the system logs:

    %PA-3-REVNOTSUPPORTED: PA in slot2 (Ethernet) requires base h/w revision

    of (1.14) for this chassis

    %PA-3-NOTSUPPORTED: PA in slot2 (Ethernet) is not supported on this chassis

  • In a show diag command output:

    Port adapter is disabled unsuitable deactivated powered off

This is due to the new and higher speed Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) midplane on a VXR chassis requiring an upgrade to the port adapter's arbiter Erasable Programmable Logic Device (EPLD). Certain port adapters will not function properly in a VXR chassis unless this upgrade is performed.


To identify the port adapter's hardware revision, issue the show diag command. This example shows the port adapter in slot1:

Router#show diag 1
Slot 1:
        Channelized T1 port adapter, 2 ports
        Port adapter is disabled unsuitable deactivated powered off
        Port adapter insertion time unknown
        EEPROM contents at hardware discovery:
        Hardware revision 1.1           Board revision A0
        Serial number     5105485       Part number    73-1565-05
        Test history      0x0           RMA number     00-00-00
        EEPROM format version 1
        EEPROM contents (hex):
          0x20: 01 07 01 01 00 4D E7 4D 49 06 1D 05 00 00 00 00
          0x30: 50 00 00 00 97 05 31 00 FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF

For a list of supported revisions, port adapters which are not supported on the VXR chassis, and instructions for obtaining an upgraded port adapter, refer to Field Notice: Port Adapter Compatibility for Cisco 7200 VXR Routers.

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Any Idea why this message would show in the logs even though the card IS supported and the show diag indicates that it is working fine?