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Problem with 1200 Aeronet access point

Have been attempting to set up wireless network in a church. When I set up the AP everything seems to work fine before I turn on WEP. I can access the network and server as well as the internet. Wireless connection properties shows an excellent connection and our internal IP Address.

When I turn WEP on, it get a strong connection to the AP but it says limited or no connectivity. When checking the properties I find that the DHCP address was not added and the default address is listed. (The one you get when HDCP is not working 169)

Can someone give me a hint on where to go from here. Using Microsoft 2003  server and an actiontec 1100 dsl modem.

Cisco Employee

The symptoms you describe are consistent with a WEP key mismatch between the AP and the client.

WEP keys are notoriously hard to enter and to manage ... not to mention that WEP isn't secure.

Is there a reason why you don't use WPA instead?  It's more secure and easier to administer.