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Question About Fiber Types and CISCO

I am planning a high rise building fiber buildout.  28 stories.  Varied tenants.   What type fiber is best if we want to plan for the future.  Over time, I can envision more clients moving to CISCO VoIP.   The challange is, I have to put the fiber in now, in advance of knowing what it will be used for.   Is there a specified type to be used with CISCO VoIP systems?   Is it the same for CISCO routers and bridges?

Any help would be great.   Thanks!!!!

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I'd suggest starting with determining where is the Carrier main point of entrance ?

then is this a multi tenant facility ?

is there a purpose built server room ?

whats the maximum number of access switches per floor ?

how many IDFs per floor ?

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Thanks vmiller.   Do you know off hand, what type of fibers that CISCO recommends for their equipment?   single mode, multimode? 


Your fiber type will depend on a lot of issues. Generally, LAN hardware (switches, uplinks to distribution switches) can be supported with multimode fiber and the proper GBICS to cover any distance limitations.

Generally, fiber connections to carrier facilities (SONET, DWDM) are via single mode

here is a link for some more reading on Fiber. I just pulled it from another thread on this forum.

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generally..and I use this term would want to use multimode on the inside plant from floor to floor.  and use singlemode from floor to basement where it will meet the outside plant (telco).