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Reader Tip - Debug Condition for Debugging Voice Calls

Thanks to Volodymyr Morskyy for sending his tip!

This is a good tip to illustrate how to do conditional debugging in the voice space:

At first you need to configure "call filter match-list <tag num>  voice" then in this match-list you need to specify what are you trying  to filter (ex. incoming or outgoing calling/called number) and  finally, before enabling debug (for example debug isdn q931), set "debug  condition match-list <tag num> partial/full match".

In the console  you'll see only information related to your filter.

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New Member

Does this work with SIP calls too ?

If it does, do you have an example of the command syntax ?


Can't see the reason why you won't be able to this for sip.

For example you want to filter incoming calls from you mobile phone (mob number is 123456)

  1. enable
  2. configure terminal
  3. call filter match-list 1 voice
  4. incoming calling-number 123456
  5. debug condition match-list 1 exact-match
  6. debug ccsip messages
  7. terminal monitor

Now debug information will appear only regarding calls made from your mobile. But also calls that have no GUID.
Theoretically you can make it easier by doing only:
1. debug condition calling <number here>
2. debug ccsip messages
But match-lists are more flexible and allows you to match for example incoming or outgoing dialpeer(debug will include only info of the calls that matched specified in the match-list dial-peers)