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The action of redistributing routes from one routing process to another. This might be from one protocol to a different one. The routes will be seen as external, and might be tagged or set to a specific metric and metric type to control the routing.

Complete Definition:

Be careful with double redistribution, especially at 2 different routers not to create loops due to routes re-re-distributed. Eg. Use tags.


router eigrp 7
   redistribute rip route-map R2E
   default-metric 1 1 1 1 1

router rip
   version 2
   redistribute eigrp 7 route-map E2R
   default-metric 2

route-map R2E deny 10
   match tag 88

route-map R2E permit 20
   set tag 77

route-map E2R deny 10
   match tag 77

route-map E2R permit 20
   set tag 88
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