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Sample Document On OSPF



Configuring OSPF

Open shortest path first (OSPF) is an IGP developed by the OSPF working group of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF).

OSPF Configuration Task List

OSPF typically requires coordination among many internal routers, area border routers (routers connected to multiple areas), and autonomous system boundary routers. At a minimum, OSPF-based routers or access servers can be configured with all default parameter values, no authentication, and interfaces assigned to areas.


Ø       Enable OSPF

router ospf process-id

network address wildcard-mask area area-id

Ø       Configure OSPF Interface Parameters

ip ospf cost cost

ip ospf retransmit-interval seconds

Ø       Configure OSPF Network Type

ip ospf network {broadcast | non-broadcast | {point-to-multipoint [non-broadcast] }}






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