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SGE2000: Stacking and Layer 3 routing redundancy

Greetings! We are going to buy 2 of the SGE2000, but there are some unresolved questions regarding it. Please, post here if anyone knows the answers.

Q: (The question has being answered at , just wanted to put it in the checklist for somebody to confirm it one more time (it is the most important question for us)) Layer 3 redundancy: is it offered with the SGE2000 stacking technology? In other words, will two or more SGE2000 work together in a stack in Layer 3 mode and act as a "big" router?

Q: Is there any limit on the number of "IP interfaces" one can setup for the SGE2000?...

Q: Are issues with working with the web interface from firefox web browser completely resolved in the latest firmware? (so that we will not be forced to use IE software to configure the sw)?

Q: I've read that if one has some stackable gigabit switches, the link between them should be at least 10Gpps... but the model has only 1Gbit interconnection between nodes? May this bring any performance issues with the stack?

Q: Does it have a "dedicated stacking bandwidth"?