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Switch GUI is not accessible or the device manager is very slow in the Catalyst Express 500 Series Switches

Core issue

The most frequently occurring issue with the switches is that the device manager (switch GUI) is either very slow to respond or is completely unaccessible. The performance of the GUI tends to slow down as CPU cycles of the switch are utilized by the IP Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) inspection process.


To resolve this performance issue, complete these steps in order to disable the IP ARP inspection process:

  1. Download and extract the CE500_New.html file to a PC/laptop directly connected to the Cisco Catalyst Express 500 Switch

  2. Run the CE500_New.html file and enter the IP address of the Catalyst Express 500 Switch. 

  3. Enter the IP address of the Cisco Catalyst Express 500 Switch and click Submit

  4. You are prompted for the username and password of the switch (if configured). 

  5. The script disables IP ARP inspection in the switch.


Alternatively, you can upgrade the Cisco IOS  Software on the switch to Cisco IOS Software 12.2.25-SEG and later releases, which are available for download on the LAN Switching Software page.

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