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The Catalyst 4500 Series Switch does not recognize a 1300 W power supply when used with a 1400 W supply

Core issue

The 1400 W DC multi-input supply cannot be used with other power supply types. However,  other power supplies in this product line work with the other types during an upgrade.


If you mix power supplies in a Catalyst 4500 series chassis, the switch detects the type of power supply in power supply bay 1 (PS1) and ignores the power supply in power supply bay 2 (PS2) while issuing system messages and showing the power supply in bay 2 as in the err-disable state in the output of the show power command. When the power supply in bay 1 is removed, the switch recognizes the power supply in bay 2. You can then put a new matching power supply in bay 1. Both supplies should now resume normal function.