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The output of the show module command indicates that the power is not sufficient for the module. The module requires a 4200W AC power supply in a Cisco Catalyst 4500 Series switch

Core issue

The AC-input power supplies of all Cisco Catalyst 4500 Series switches require a single-phase source AC. The source AC can be out of a phase between multiple power supplies or multiple AC-power plugs on the same power supply, because all AC power supply inputs are isolated. Each chassis power supply must have a dedicated branch circuit, which is:

  • 15 A or 20 A for North America

  • Circuits sized to local and national codes for international locations


In order to support the 4200W AC power supply, the Cisco Catalyst 4500 Series switch requires at least Cisco IOS  Software Release 12.2(25)EWA.

Refer to the Catalyst 4500 Series Power Supplies section of the Catalyst 4500 Series Installation Guide for more information.

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