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The "% Shutdown not allowed on this interface" error message displays when external interfaces are enabled on a Cisco Intelligent Gigabit Ethernet Switch Module integrated into IBM blade

Core issue

The Cisco Intelligent Gigabit Ethernet Switch Module (IGESM)is a Layer 2 switch. The four external ports are set for auto-sensing. The two ports to the BladeCenter MMs operate at 100 Mbps. There is a management port on the edge of the switch. This port is not part of the Ethernet switch. The switch supports a range of features for LAN configuration and management which includes link aggregation, VLANs and STP.

By default, the four external ports on the IGESM are disabled. In order to allow Ethernet connectivity to the external infrastructure, enable these external ports.

When you enter a no shutdown config mode command on these interfaces, you get this message:

% Shutdown not allowed on this interface.


The external ports need to be enabled in the management Module before the no shutdown command is issued on the actual interface(s).

In order o enable the external ports, complete these steps:

  1. From the Advanced Switch Management panel, choose Advanced Setup.
  2. Choose Enabled from the list box for the option in order to enable External ports.
  3. Click Save.

Once you have enabled these ports, please re-run the show platform summary command and "External Management over External Ports" should be enabled.
Configuration instructions for the BladeCenter Ethernet Switch Module is on the IBM website.
Refer to "Enabling external Ethernet ports" in page 16.

For further assistance and support, use the TAC Service Request Tool in order to open a case with Cisco Technical Support.