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The %SYSTEM_CONTROLLER-3-COR_MEM_ERR: Correctable DRAM memory error message is received in the Cisco Catalyst 6500 switch running Cisco IOS software

Core issue

This error message indicates that the system is self-correcting a transient DRAM error.


No action is needed if this error occurs only once. However, if the error message occurs again within 24 hours, perform these steps:

  1. Schedule a downtime and re-seat the Synchronous Dynamic Random-Access Memory Dual In-line Memory Modules (SDRAM SIMM) on the Supervisor (SUP) engine.

  2. If errors persist, replace the SIMM.

  3. If errors persist after the memory is replaced, then please contact Cisco Technical Support online using the TAC Service Request Tool.

Note: If the error occurs more than once, it appears as such:

%SYSTEM_CONTROLLER-3-MORE_COR_ERR:  60 correctable DRAM memory errors in previous hour

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