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Unable to access the Catalyst 3750 switch that uses the CMS or Device Manager with local username and password authentication

Core issue

Cluster Management Suite (CMS) is used for the management of switch clusters and individual switches from web browsers such as Netscape Communicator or Microsoft Internet Explorer. It is also referred to as Device Manager (DM).

It is seen that after the creation of a local username with privilege level 15 in the Catalyst 3750 switch and enabling a secret password, the Device Manager does not accept the local username or passward for authentication, but rather authenticates with a blank username and the enable secret password.


When prompted for a username and password for the Switch DM, the default settings require no username. If an enable password has been previously configured, enter that password as the switch password.

If there is no enable password, leave both the username and password entries blank and click OK in order to continue.

Refer to the Launching CMS section of Getting Started with CMS for more information.

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