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Unable to display QoS information at the port level with the show policy-map interface command in Catalyst 3750 switch

Core issue

This is used to analyze the packet drop in the queue. It is observed that the show policy-map interface counters do not increment on the Catalyst 3750 switch.  All counters shows 0.

The show policy-map interface command is not supported on 3750 and 3560 switches, even though it is allowed to be typed in the CLI.

This issue is identified in Cisco bug ID CSCdy50035.


In order to display quality of service (QoS) information at the port level, you can use these commands:

  • show policy-map
  • show mls qos interface statistics

The output of show mls qos interface statistics command can be interpreted as this:

The headings in the output correspond to the left part of the table. For example, on a 3750 switch, you can see:

dscp: outgoing

0 -  4 : 101  576  8 0  0

The column with 101 corresponds to 101 packets on egress that are matched DSCP 0. 576 corresponds to 576 packets on engress that are matched for DSCP 1.