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Unable to ping through a Catalyst 3750 Metro switch with MPLS configured on the standard port

Core issue

MPLS is a packet-switching technology that integrates link layer (Layer 2)  switching with network layer (Layer 3) routing. With MPLS, data is transferred  over any combination of Layer 2 technologies, using any Layer 3 protocol, with  increased scalability. In Catalyst 3750 Metro Switches MPLS functionality is supported only on the enhanced-services (ES) ports.


The Catalyst 3750 Metro switch must connect to the MPLS network through an ES port, since MPLS  configuration is supported only on the ES ports. Other supported features on the ES ports include EoMPLS, MPLS VPNs, bidirectional hierarchical QoS, intelligent   802.1Q tunneling (Q-in-Q) with CoS mutation, and VLAN ID translation.

To configure MPLS on Catalyst 3750 Metro Switches,  refer to Configuring MPLS, MPLS OAM, MPLS VPN, and EoMPLS.

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