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User receives multiple "ciscoEnvMonTemperatureNotification" traps in Catalyst 6000/6500 series switches

Core issue

A ciscoEnvMonTemperatureNotification message is sent if the temperature measured at a given test point is outside the normal range for the test point (if it is at the warning, critical, or shutdown stage).

If the status of the trap is only in the warning stage, this means the module has reached a high temperature for the time duration mentioned in the message. Should the module exceed the maximum ambient operating temperature (104*F or 40*C, the shutdown stage), it is automatically shut down by the switch.

Issue the show environment command to display environmental, temperature, and inline power status information.


The ciscoEnvMonTemperatureNotification message is sent for informational purposes only. No action is needed at this time (still at warning stage). Ensure that the temperature around the switch is kept within operational standards and the internal fans in the switch work properly.

Refer to Catalyst 6500 Technical Specifications for environmental and physical specifications for the Catalyst 6500 series modules.

This problem is documented in Cisco bug ID CSCsa87388. The workaround for this bug ID is to disable EnvMon traps.