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User receives the %DUAL-5-NBRCHANGE: IP-EIGRP : Neighbor () is down: retry limit exceeded

Core Issue

This message indicates that the neighbor did not acknowledge a reliable packet after at least 16 retransmissions. This could occur for these reasons:

  • The link is a unidirectional link.
  • There are incorrect IP addresses on the tunnel interface.

In these cases, a router receiving a hello from an EIGRP router, sends out its own hello packets followed by the update, which never reaches the neighbor. The neighbor never transmits an acknowledgement. Without receiving acknowledgements to the transmitted updates, the router continues transmitting the update at least 16 times before resetting the neighbor relationship and generating the retry limit exceeded message.


To enable EIGRP routers generating the retry limit exceeded error message to become neighbors, ensure that these conditions are met

  • The link is bidirectional for both unicast and multicast traffic.
  • In case of tunnel interfaces, ensure that the IP addresses are configured correctly.

How are Neighbors Connected

Connected via LAN switch(es)

EIGRP Errors, Warnings, and Log Messages


show ip eigrp neighbors

Neighbor does not exist in neighbor table

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